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How to Create and Print an Envelope on Word

Creating and printing an envelope on Word is very easy, as Microsoft Word is known to have a simple and straightforward UI. Nonetheless, today we’ll provide you with simple steps to do so whether using a Windows device or a Mac. Without further ado, let’s get down to these steps.

On A Mac

1. Open Microsoft Word

Pretty straightforward and simple.

2. Create a “Blank Document”

You can do it using one of two ways; either by clicking on the Blank Document template or by choosing File from the Top Menu Bar, then selecting New Document.

3. Choose the “Mailings Tab”

You’ll find it in the Top Menu; it’s between References and Mailings.

4. Click “Envelopes”

You’ll find it on the far left-side inside the Mailings tab.

5. Enter the Delivery and Return Addresses

Now comes the important part. There are two boxes in front of you. The upper box is labeled Delivery Address while the lower is Return Address.

You must carefully enter both addresses into the corresponding box with utmost care. Copy them letter for letter and try to be very precise.

6. Tick the “Use Settings From Your Printer” Box

This step ensures that your printer will use its ideal settings while printing. This box may already be ticked; if so, just skip this step.

7. Click “Page Setup”

You’ll find it on the right side. It’ll open a new window.

8. Select Your Required Printing Options

The new window will allow you to select the printing options that suit your liking, including the format, paper size, orientation, and scale. After that, click “OK.”

However, selecting the envelope printing format will dictate how you place the envelope in the printer. 

9. Review the Envelope

Here you can check the Envelope’s layout to ensure that everything is OK and up to your needs.

12. Connect Your Printer

If your printer wasn’t connected, then connect it to your laptop.

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13. Put the Envelope into the Printer

You just need to make sure that the envelope is placed according to the format that you chose.

14. Print Your Envelope

The final step is to click the “File” button on the Upper-left side then click “Print.” Your envelope is now ready for use.

On Windows

1. Open Microsoft Word

Double click on the icon, and it’ll open.

2. Click on “Blank Document”

You’ll find it on the upper-left side of the window. That’ll open a new document.

3. Choose the “Mailings Tab” 

Click on it; you’ll find it between “References” and “Review.”

4. Click “Envelopes”

The top toolbar houses a “Create” section; it’s on the far-left side of the window. Above the “Create” section, there is an icon called “Envelopes”, click on it.

5. Enter the Delivery and Return Addresses

You’ll be greeted with two boxes: one is the return address box, and the other is the delivery address box. You must enter the two addresses very carefully and make sure that they are free of mistakes.

6. Click “Options”

There is an “Options” button located at the bottom of the right side in the same window. It’ll lead you to a new window.

7. Choose “Envelope Options”

In the new window, there are two options. One is labeled “Printing Options,” and the other is “Envelope Options.” We’ll choose the latter “Envelope Options.”

8. Choose “Envelope Size”

Near the top of the window, there’s a drop-down menu containing “Envelope Size.”

9. Choose Your Envelope’s Prefered Size

From the drop-down menu that just opened, we’ll proceed with choosing our preferred envelope size.

10. Click on “Printing Options”

Printing Option is found at the top of the window next to “Envelope Options.”

11. Choose Your Preferred Envelope Feed Format

The Envelope Feed Format is how you’ll put the envelope into the printer. So, choose your preferred one from the options in front of you.

12. Click “OK”

At the bottom of the window, just click on “OK.”

13. Connect Your Printer

If your printer isn’t connected, make sure that it’s connected. And if it’s already connected, then make sure that everything is up and ready.

14. Put Your Envelope Into the Printer

When putting the envelope inside the printer, make sure that the envelope matches the format that we chose in step 11.

15. Click “Print”

Click “Print,” you’ll find it at the bottom-left corner of the screen, and the printer will start printing.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve concluded this article, we hope that we’ve helped you become more informed about printing and creating an envelope on Word. The process is relatively easy and similar, no matter if you’re using Mac or Windows.